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Small Business Phone Systems Useful To Boost Customer Satisfaction

Small Business Phone Systems

Individuals move along these lines do businesses. Portability is at the centre of a cutting edge business now. Furthermore to bring your business as well as you, it needs legs. The present day mechanical developments have finally discovered the legs of a cutting edge business. Begin utilizing portable results that help business people to work together when it happens and where it happens. The cutting edge versatile units are pocket work places that can capacity actually when the business visionary is moving. Units including laptops, tablets, IPads and virtual phone frameworks permit ambitious people to convey a whole office in addition to them.

Turns Possibilities to Prospects Immediately

It is unimaginable for a business person to transform his prompt potential outcomes into prospects unless he has instantaneous access to certain key assets. So the key here is portability. In the meantime, they additionally must be aware of securing basic corporate holdings on portable apparatuses. Carry Your Own Device or BYOD is a well-known idea now. Ensuring corporate data on an office mechanism or on your own apparatus is vital. It is just as vital to adhere to the corporate propriety.

Striking Features

A virtual phone framework is only ideal for both these necessities. A percentage of the paramount reasons why businesses may as well utilize this phone framework are:

> In the first place, an adaptable cloud based answer for a versatile workforce.

> Second, it might be utilized with any handset.

> Third, it gives enormous characteristics inside a little plan.

> Fourth, its cost is foreseeable and low. All businesses, even little businesses can stand to have a virtual phone inside their plan.

Consistent Connectivity

Business people necessity to have admittance to paramount data regardless of in the event that they are in the workplace or at home. Constant access to paramount data permits them to work constantly. Getting mission basic versatile applications were never less demanding. There are very much a couple of mixed bags of advanced cells with distinctive working frameworks including Android and iPhone. A virtual phone framework has made this errand less demanding for ambitious people. All a business visionary need to do now – is to make a record with a virtual phone administration supplier. The phone is facilitated by the supplier and the supplier typically gives a free portable application to the business person to utilize.

Profit sans Hassle

Expanded profit and enhanced productivity are by-results of utilizing virtual phones. It permits business visionaries to exploit progressed innovation and keen apparatuses. A virtual PBX gives all the backing an ambitious person requirements to arrange, fabricate and launch a business. Overlook those days when you need to use hours in the workplace holding up for a call or for sending or getting a fax. A virtual telephone permits you to invest time with family and companions without trading off your business requests.

Stretch Your Out-of-Office Abilities

A virtual phone systems direct permits a business visionary to stretch his competencies. It permits an ambitious person to answer calls, forward calls, send and accept fax actually when he is not in the workplace. It permits him to embrace portable business techniques while as of now remaining adjusted to centre business goals

Cloud Computing in San Antonio, New Braunfels and Boerne

Looking for Cloud Computing in San Antonio, New Braunfels or Boerne?

ONIT Technology Solutions is the future of small business technology management, lowering the cost of IT management over-head. With Cloud Computing in San Antonio services from ONIT Technology Solutions, utilizing, improving and maintaining your IT has never been simpler.

Your systems  software and apps are hosted by a group of specialists, to ensure you can get rid of the expense of purchasing new infrastructure, licensing new computer software and training new staff – saving you money and helping you to concentrate on your business.

Even if you have managed IT internally, many companies rapidly outgrow their IT platform because their requirements increase. Business owners have a lot of obligations to fulfill and IT issues can easily turn out to be time consuming. ( We hear it from customers constantly! ). Outsourcing mission critical IT functions to the cloud computing service experts at ONIT Technology Solutions enables you the time you need to make the most of the advantages of technology, while substantially lowering the time you spend on IT difficulties.

Our Cloud Computing Solutions offer numerous advantages:

Scalable: Your technology will effortlessly expand to suit your business growth.

Customization: Cloud solutions designed to fulfill your unique business requirements.

– MobilityGain access to your network from anywhere, on any kind of device, on any platform.

Cost EffectiveIf you add up the accumulated cost savings over time, labor and equipment expenses, cloud computing is a business strategy that completely and instantly recovers its costs.

– Reliable: Help Desk assistance and 24-7-365 monitoring.

– Secure: Your irreplaceable computer data and programs are stored at off-site, secure and protected data centers where they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime – even during the event of a disaster.


Areas Covered

We provide a wide range of complete computer IT support, network services and cloud computing in San Antonio, Schertz, Seguin, Boerne, Canyon Lake, Stone Oak, Universal City, Pleasanton, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Converse, Shavano Park, Cibolo, Olmos Park, Live Oak, Timberwood Park, New Braunfels and throughout Southern Texas.

Local experts who can help and visit your business on-site: Cloud computing in San Antonio,  IT Support, Stone Oak IT Consulting, Leon Valley Network Services, San Antonio Backup and Disaster Recovery, Stone Oak Information Technology Consulting and San Antonio Anti-Virus and Security.

How important is to have an online backup and business continuity plan for your small business

Online backup and business continuity plan for your small business in San Antonio, Boerne and New Braunfels

online-backupWould your small business manage to make it through a flood, fire or natural emergency as it stands today? A dependable online backup and business continuity plan guarantees your organization will persevere even through a major disaster.

ONIT Technology Solutions allows you and your company to breathe better with computer data online backup, computer system hard disk backup and full hardware and system recovery solutions for businesses in and around San Antonio, Boerne and New Braunfels.

We have an exclusive method to business continuity, constantly placing your business requirements first, determining the Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives and creating solutions needs around your particular goals.

Most of our business competitors merely implement technology for technology’s sake, however we implement technological innovation to support your main goals, being sure you never invest in IT you don’t want or need. Our custom-made business continuity and online backup plans also provide us the ability to back up computer data in controlled environments, therefore, regardless of what the size or shape of your company, we can protect it.




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IT Outsourcing, Why More Companies Are Shifting Everyday

IT Outsourcing. Why More Companies Are Shifting Everyday

If a heavy IT department is a drain on your company, IT outsourcing services can help free up cash and assets for what’s essential .

Operating an IT department can cost a business considerable time and funds. In fact, a lot of organization managers joke that their IT department is the largest division in their organization, and they don’t actually sell IT!

The difficulty: IT department bloat

IT divisions frequently work as tiny empires within a company. IT personnel can make unilateral choices on the gear, computer software and services to get, the ideal technology to use, and how to maintain training current. Business owners without technological background can find it demanding to challenge the choices and expenses, which can result in a spiralling IT spending budget and ever-growing payroll. And financial officers are very well conscious of the difficulties of managing a team when they don’t have a definite knowledge of what their functions are.

These kind of troubles could cause significant friction within a business. As stated in numerous entrepreneurial publications, the terms that small business leaders most typically link to IT departments include: ‘complex’, ‘costly’, ‘always very late’ and ‘out of touch with reality’. Far worse, a lot of companies will never obtain complete value from their internal IT personnel. Almost all IT departments are going to have idle periods of time, and devote precious staff-time on the repetitive, day to day grind of elementary IT support or simply, their personnel just don’t possess the appropriate abilities. So when there are significant security or difficulties, outside specialists must be engaged to come across a remedy. Do any of these complications seem familiar? If so, your small business might benefit from a general change in the approach the IT department is organized.

The answer: IT Outsourcing services

By outsourcing IT services, your organization could immediately reduce capital spending (for instance, on brand new equipment or computer software) and staff expenses, instead investing in solutions only in case you need them. An IT department can after that be consolidated down to 1 or 2 vital employees – based on the size of the company – supported by outside professionals with appropriate and updated expertise whenever the need arises.

Outside IT providers might supply the basic ‘helpdesk’ assistance that so frequently uses up the precious time of in-house staff, freeing up these essential personnel to focus on tactically central projects. For small or medium sized businesses, IT outsourcing services can also deliver having access to a larger variety of abilities and skills than a sole technician may offer. No one staff member could be proficient in handling all of the technologies – and provide you with network and website development skills too. But one single agreement with an IT managed services company may well deliver all of that.

There are absolutely no financial surprises either. As opposed to inconstant and unanticipated expenses, IT spending can easily be limited to a single, expected payment – an enormous relief for the owners of small and medium sized companies. And this expense is linked with a Service Level Agreement to guarantee the business’ requirements are met.

A 2011 evaluation by CompTIA, included businesses relying upon outside IT professional solutions for at least some of their IT. Close to half of them asserted that doing this had permitted them to cut expenditures by a quarter or more. 14% said they experienced a cut in annual IT expenses by over fifty percent. What’s more, 60% were so pleased that they prepared to obtain IT outsourcing services further by 2014. Network management, maintenance and help desk, databases assistance and applications help, were among the solutions that organizations intend to shift to outside providers.

Seize control now – contact us today and start controlling your cash and ultimately your company.

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Data Backup Services

We Have 3 Gifts Reserved For You This Valentine’s Day To Show You How Much We LOVE Your Business!

Finally, Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t make you fat or give you cavities! During the entire month of February, we’re having a special event for all of our clients (new and old) to show them a little love and appreciation.


1. A FREE Gift and Goodie Bag. Call us for anything during the month of February – a repair, an upgrade or even a quote on a project – and we’ll give you a free Valentine’s Day Gift and Goodie Bag chock-full of useful, interesting and fun gifts. Yes, we are keeping the contents secret, but it is of value!

2. A FREE Network Audit ($497 Value). Are you worried about viruses, spyware and hackers? Are you curious about whether or not your business could be moved to the cloud? Are you uncertain about how safe your data is? Would you like to know for sure if your backups are really working?

Then contact us during the month of February and we’ll give you a FREE Network Audit  ($497 value) to conduct a thorough investigation into your computer network to look for early warning signs of data loss, extensive downtime, viruses, hacker attacks and other hidden threats to the safety of your data.

3. A FREE Month of Data Back-up ($597 Value). Sign up for our data backup service during the month of February and your first month is FREE! Everyone knows that you need to back up your data – but did you know it’s critical to have an off-site backup in case of fire, flood, theft or hardware failures? Don’t lose everything! Sign up for our data backup services and you’ll sleep a little easier at night knowing your data is safe.

Contact us today to claim one or more
of your FREE gifts! Phone: 210-273-4524


Areas Covered

We provide a wide range of complete computer IT support, network and data backup services and IT consulting to businesses throughout San Antonio, Schertz, Seguin, Boerne, Canyon Lake, Stone Oak, Universal City, Pleasanton, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Converse, Shavano Park, Cibolo, Olmos Park, Live Oak, Timberwood Park, New Braunfels and throughout Southern Texas.

Local experts who can help and visit your business on-site: IT Consulting San Antonio, Stone Oak IT Consulting, Leon Valley Network Services, San Antonio Data Backup Service and Disaster Recovery, Stone Oak Information Technology Consulting and San Antonio Anti-Virus and Security.

Identity Theft

Free eBook: “What Every Business Owner MUST Know
To Protect Against Online Identity Theft”

All it takes is one innocent security slip by you or one of your employees to instantly give online criminals the information they need to access your network and steal your identity. In no time at all, they can gain enough information to max out your credit cards, wipe out your bank accounts, and completely obliterate your business and personal credit. They can even use your identity to commit further crimes such as forgery, stealing from other businesses, or online scams. This nightmare can take months – sometimes years – to clean up and can destroy your credit and good name.

That’s why for a limited time we’re giving away FREE copies of our eBook, “What Every Business Owner MUST Know To Protect Against Online Identity Theft”.identity-theft-san-antonio

You’ll learn:

– The 3 most effective tricks online identity thieves use to gain access to your business and personal information – and how to avoid them.

– Sneaky e-mails you should delete IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them (you’ll want to share this list with your friends, family and staff).

– One super-easy, sure-fire way to make your computer network impervious to online identity thieves.

– How to protect yourself against NEW scams being spread through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

– How to keep your employees from accidentally giving away passwords and other “keys to the kingdom” to Internet criminals.

To download your free copy, click here


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Optimize Your Computer

A Warning to Time-Pressured Entrepreneurs – Optimize Your Computer

Up to 17 Hours of Your Time is Wasted on This

As a busy business owner or office manager, nothing is more frustrating than being made to wait; especially when that waiting seems unnecessary. And when it comes to waiting for your computer to start up, most business owners are all too familiar with the frustration of impatiently watching as their computer goes through the slow and agonizing process of getting ready for you to actually use it.

Most Microsoft Windows computers take between 3-4 minutes to completely rev up, not including opening any programs outside of the start-up menu. Multiply that time over a year, and you’ve got yourself 17 hours of staring at the screen, drumming your fingers on the desk and trying to figure out how to be productive while your computer boots up.

Want To Cut Down On Time-Wasting?

Here are some tips on how you can optimize your computer’s start-up process so you can get right to business:

1) Remove auto-loading software. If you’ve got any programs that start up when you power your computer on, you are significantly adding to the time it takes for your computer to be ready

2) Let the computer hibernate. When possible, leave your computer on and simple put it in hibernate mode. This tells the computer to start up again in the state where you left it last. Plus it has the added benefit of using very little electricity – about the same amount a computer uses when plugged in but shut off. for use. Take these programs off the start menu or, if you don’t use them, simply delete them off the machine.

3) Consider switching to a thin client. Thin clients are “dumb” computers that connect to a server which houses all the software, programs, and even processing power. Because nothing is loaded up onto these thin client machines, they can be ready to go in as little as 5 seconds after pressing the power button. Thin clients do require your network to be set up a certain way though, so be sure to check that before you install one.

4) Take off any “trial-ware”. Some computers come with software already loaded on them, like photo software or other utility programs. These programs, most of which don’t even show up in the list of available software you can remove, are called “trial-ware” because they came with the machine. Typically, they run processes in the background while you boot up.

– Test your firewall, anti-virus and spyware protection
– Check your backups
– Review your acceptable use policy
– Check your online security settings
– Look for ways to improve overall network efficiency and health

“ONIT Tecnology Solutions has really been amazing. Over the past year, we have literally added 5 hours per week to our productivity thanks to your recommendations about our computers and network. It’s so great to know that we have a trusted advisor we can count on to help us navigate these things.”


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What is Cloud Computing? The Nebulous Truth About Cloud Computing

Just a little over 1 year ago, my aunt Edna called to ask if I considered she needed to relocate the family computer into the cloud.

It’s very hard to blame her for the misconception. In the end, the entire technology sector appropriates the expression for virtually any and all sorts of internet activity. “Cloud” is now a shortcut motto that we’ve all regarded as a “complicated technical stuff made simple that you’ll comprehend eventually when you’re more mature.” Well… today is that day. We’ll find out exactly what the cloud really is, in addition to review some small background and look at a number of its features. Let’s begin with exactly how it got here:

How the Cloud Originated

As you may may remember, during the mid to late nineties, online technology organizations were virtually springing up over-night in what grew to become known as “the dot-com bubble.” In order to keep their services working, these businesses needed to buy a lot of computer hardware -everyone was wanting to be the next Amazon. This, however, was no affordable strategy. To account for erratic spikes in visitor website traffic, a great deal of that equipment sat idling for the majority of of the time. It was the same as purchasing an automobile for a two-day business trip and then leaving behind that car at the airport terminal because you may need to take a flight back in half a year.

The commercial practice of virtualization transformed that. In general, virtualization is the concept of using one computer and sectioning parts of it to simulate many scaled-down computers. Though the concept of virtualization has been around since the sixties, it took a number of improvements in technological innovation and the obvious need of a less expensive way out of advance virtualization to the level of financial viability.

With virtualization on their side businesses didn’t have to purchase and maintain massive mainframe computers to manage the web traffic. They could subscribe to a service that would afford all of them as much or as little computing resources as they required and just charge them for what was really used. Therefore came into existence The Cloud. In a nutshell, a Cloud computer is any kind of pool of computer resources that can be instantly partitioned and customized to suit the needs of a particular user.



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Windows XP Expiration Notice

Windows XP Expiration

An URGENT Security Warning
For Businesses Running
Windows XP Or Office 2003

If your organization is currently running either Windows XP or Office 2003 on one or more computers in your office, you need to know about a dangerous security threat to your organization that must be addressed within the next 3 months. Please take a moment to read this important announcement.

As your local Microsoft Registered Partner, we are aggressively reaching out to all businesses within the San Antonio area that use Windows XP and Office 2003 to alert you of this serious security risk to your organization and inform you about what you need to do now to protect your company.

XP And Office 2003 Changes Must Be Made By April 8, 2014


Microsoft has officially announced that it will retire support on the XP operating system and Office 2003 software suite on April 8, 2014. That means any computer with these software programs installed will be completely exposed to serious hacker attacks aimed at taking control of your network, stealing data, crashing your system and inflicting a host of other business-crippling problems you do NOT want to have to deal with.

This is such a serious threat that all companies housing financial and medical information are being required by law to upgrade any and all computer systems running XP or Office 2003 because firewalls and anti-virus software will NOT be sufficient to completely protect them (or you).

Windows XP Expiration IS NOT A SCAM!

Unless you don’t care about cyber criminals running rampant in your company’s server, you MUST upgrade any equipment running these programs.

FREE Microsoft Risk Assessment And Migration Plan Shows You The Easiest, Most Budget-Friendly Way To Upgrade

At no cost, we’ll come to your office and conduct our proprietary 17-Point Risk Assessment — a process that’s taken us over 3 years to perfect — to not only determine what specific computers will be affected by this announcement, but also to assess other security, backup and efficiency factors that could be costing you in productivity and hard dollars. We will also put together a customized Migration Plan for your office.

Sign Up Here


Areas Covered

We provide a wide range of complete computer IT support, network services, IT consulting and Windows XP expiration help to businesses throughout San Antonio, Schertz, Seguin, Boerne, Canyon Lake, Stone Oak, Universal City, Pleasanton, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Converse, Shavano Park, Cibolo, Olmos Park, Live Oak, Timberwood Park, New Braunfels and throughout Southern Texas.

Local experts who can help and visit your business on-site: IT Support San Antonio, Stone Oak IT Consulting, Leon Valley Network Services, San Antonio Backup and Disaster Recovery, Stone Oak Information Technology Consulting and San Antonio Anti-Virus and Security.

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What Is Cloud Computing And Why Should You Care?

Cloud Computing San Antonio

There’s a good chance that MOST of the software applications you use every day are now SaaS applications, or “software as a service.” In other words, you don’t have to install them on your server or PC – you simply access it as a pay-as-you-go model for only the licenses, space and features you use. This gives you the ability to access highly sophisticated software and functionality at a fraction of the cost – or even for free – and without long-term commitments.

For example, Google is a massive, free cloud application – the power required to search billions of web sites and content in seconds and deliver the relevant results to your screen far exceeds the capacity of your PC. Facebook is another free cloud application that allows you to post pictures, play games, and connect with your friends in real time without having to install those applications on your computer. Of course, there are also the applications such as Salesforce, Constant Contact, SurveyMonkey, etc., that you pay to use.

With the recent introduction of cloud-based office applications like Office 365, Google Apps and thousands of other SaaS applications, it’s becoming unnecessary for some businesses to purchase and maintain an onsite server. Now companies can host one or more of their applications, data, e-mail and other functions “in the cloud.” That simply means it’s stored offsite in a highly secure, high-availability “utility” company that has far more power and resources than you could ever logically have onsite as a small business. And with devices getting cheaper and Internet connectivity exploding, cloud computing is suddenly a very smart, viable option for small business owners.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

Eliminates the need for expensive server upgrades and allows you to use cheaper devices (PCs, etc.) to get the same work done.
Frees you to access applications from any device and any location. All you need is an Internet connection.
Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity.
Only pay for what you need and use (utility pricing).

Is Cloud Computing Right For You?

While there are a ton of benefits to cloud computing, it’s NOT right for every company. Some applications don’t play well in the cloud. You need commercial-grade Internet connectivity, and some functions, like working with big graphics files, are better kept local or the slowness will make you crazy. However, in almost every case, parts of your computer network (functions) can easily be put in the cloud to save you money and give you better service. So before you donate your server and sign up for Google Apps or Office 365, it’s important you talk to someone who can honestly assess your unique situation and tell you the pros and cons of making the switch to cloud computing.

Sign up for a Free Cloud Readiness Assessment to see if your company can benefit from this technology that is revolutionizing the business world.



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